Earthing – II

I have written earlier about the incredible benefits of earthing. Among its many benefits is its ability to stabilize the voltage of your body. If you were not aware that your body has a voltage, don’t despair, it is not common knowledge. The average neuron contains a resting voltage of approximately 70 millivolts or 0.07 volts. Not a lot when you consider that a light bulb that lights up your home may be putting out 100 volts. However, we are dealing with delicate organs like the brain, and you don’t exactly want a short circuit in that, do you now?

You may be familiar with the term electrolytes. The thing that you run short of when dehydrated. Well, it turns out that electrolytes are the stuff that is required to conduct electricity in your body; more specifically sodium and potassium. It is when sodium and potassium move in and out of your cells that their opposite charge generates power. Think of it as a hydel power station in every cell. Unfortunately, it is only able to produce between 10 and 100 millivolts.

The earth has sufficient electrons and neutrons to be electrically at zero voltage. Those in the electrical field use the Earth as a sink to “ground” electric charges. The act of grounding dissipates the electricity in the event of a surge or sudden increase in voltage. What researchers found was that if your body to is “grounded” which means the surface of your foot or body is touching the earth it has an impact on the voltage in your body. Measurements were taken at various points in your body and grounding showed a significant reduction. Also, they found that electric appliances were able to increase the voltage of your body. On the other hand, if you were grounded, the viscosity of your blood by reducing Red Blood Cell aggregation which resulted in significant reduction in risk for cardiovascular diseases. Weren’t you always told that Mother Earth continually protects you?


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.

2 thoughts on “Earthing – II

  • October 8, 2017 at 2:17 am

    Many a times we are following tradition without the knowledge behind it. Many a times you wonder why? Even if we do not understand the reason a simple way to chose a path is to be close to nature in case of any doubt. Also being close to your genes help.

    Your blogs help understanding the reasoning and helps us recalibrate the NORTH. It really helps to know that you are headed in the right direction even if we do not know the distance to the destination.
    Thanks a ton.

  • October 8, 2017 at 2:40 am

    Ancient knowledge is more often than not based on deep knowledge. Sometimes, we need modern science to rediscover it. For me, it has been an exciting journey of discovery. Each step of the way has been exhilarating. Thank you for reading and your feedback, it keeps me motivated to write.

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