Thank you for your interest in helping. I have been researching and speaking to people who are less privileged. Over the past two years, what I have discovered is shocking. In urban cities, they are predominantly consuming a diet that consists of potato, rice, lentils (mostly water) and wheat. They don’t eat any meat, milk based or other sources of protein. They cannot afford vegetables. They don’t eat fruits or nuts or seeds. They would consider even the suggestion lunacy. Not surprisingly, they suffer from the typical signs of consuming an unbalanced diet.

I met a young man last year. He gave me the idea that testing them for diseases could be a good start. It would help educate them. I am therefore keen to get their blood work done. The test will assist in determining their lipid profile and propensity to get Diabetes. It will also help identify deficiencies of Vitamins, especially Vitamin D and B12. Currently, these tests cost about Rs. 1500 (approximately USD 22) per person. I am working with a few laboratories to negotiate this price.

Please make a donation to my NGO, Think India. Donations will be used to test the blood work of the less privileged. The blood tests help them understand the impact of their diet on their blood sugar and cholesterol. I aim to help educate them about this. My hope is that the test will help them understand the risks and make lifestyle changes. Over time, hopefully, others will join in this endeavor.

Please use the button below to make a donation using PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, please email me at Please note, I do not manage this email account directly, and so if you are trying to reach me, please do not email me here.