How determined are you? I suppose the answer to the question depends on who or what is on the other side. Niggling away at your defences. Looking for that small chink. Before you could say Jack Robinson, you are a puddle. Malleable. Willing to be pushed, pulled or morphed at will. Without so much as a ‘if you please.’ After all, who said you were the master of your own will. One could posit that the you are not alone. Far bigger mortals who have walked the earth have also fallen so. You are merely the next in line. Except maybe this is not a one off. It happens all the time.

Yes, food. Armed with aroma, taste, colour, display. Oh not to forget that wonderful afterglow once it has been devoured. Due apologies to those who don’t get two square meals. The rest of us are assailed on a daily basis. It is designed to do so. An army of people have gotten together to make things appeal to all your senses. At once. Did even Adam not give in to temptation in the garden of Eden? There is a famous advertisement that suggests ‘you cant eat just one.’ They know what they are saying. It is designed to be so.

So how do you become the Buddha? I suppose if anyone knew they would be the next Buddha. Some simple things that could be considered though. Much like obesity, being fit is a disease. You just need to get afflicted. Get over the initial hurdle and you are likely on a path of no return. Done right, you can erase years of excess. Inches melt away. Your persona looks different. You feel there is something right with your world.

Armed with an understanding of the impact of food, you don’t start. Yes even on that famous “just one.”


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.