Life often feels like you are on a treadmill. You keep running to stay in the same place. Your apprehension is if I stop moving, I might just fall. Perhaps! There is an alternative construct though. One in which this is all in your mind. A construct in which if you stopped running you would realise that in reality there is no treadmill at all. Nothing is moving. Life is still. You just imagined it to be otherwise.

I was sitting at a Doctor’s office recently. The waiting room was relatively large, and she seemed to have a busy practice. A large number of people were waiting to see her. As I looked around, I saw every single person occupied. There, one person was playing with his phone. Here, a person could not stop fidgeting with his keys. Another kept scanning every magazine that was lying on the table. Some magazines were perhaps circa 1754. It didn’t matter.

The need to keep our minds occupied is an affliction. Some do it to appear busy. Some do it out of boredom. Many because we need the mental stimulation. Who knows where the mind might wander if we let it be? Don’t get me wrong. Stimulating your brain is important. Reading, for example, is an excellent habit. In our modern world though, it is hard not to argue that there is too much stimulation. Your phone brings the world to your fingertips. It can be exhausting keeping up with the stream, nay torrent of available stimulants.

A few years ago, I would not notice. I would have been much too engrossed checking email. I had seven separate accounts at one point. This time, after briefly seeing the world around me I was lost to the world. In thinking nothing at all. Try it; it’s a beautiful place to be.