Deep Inside

I don’t know if you have seen the movie Inception. Briefly the movie explores the possibility of human beings penetrating the insides of your mind. You first put everyone to sleep and then apparently you are free to explore the mind. An architect is required to construct the world as you perceive it in your dream world. This happens at multiple layers meaning once inside the first layer of your mind say your dream, you can imagine you are dreaming in your dream and go to the next layer. Fascinating stuff in the imaginary  world.

In the real world, meditation can help you achieve the same thing, with perhaps the guns and violence missing. When you start you are most likely awake. Therefore in the first level of meditation you have thoughts angry or happy.  Masters ask you to go deeper within. This is done by observing yourself and your thoughts. In this layer you the observor and you the person observing are not the same. In order to observe you need to be distinct. The mind is still awake and is able to witness and recognise an occurrence – you thinking about your day yesterday perhaps.

In deep meditation you can go beyond and no longer even observe yourself. There is no need. This does not mean that you are not thinking. You are. This does not mean that you are not observing. You are. In this construct, you don’t need fake buildings and imaginary cities a la Inception. In this world you can begin to grasp the meaning of life itself, the purpose why the Universe exists and therefore the mundane is no longer necessary. In this state, there is no inside or outside, it is all one. You could characterise this world as one where your mind is no longer awake or one where your mind has truly awakened. Masters call this state one where, awakened and ONE with the conscious your awareness has transcended you. It is said that achieving this sort of awakening requires years of discipline and practice. The Buddha is said to have been awakened after many years of effort. The strange thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere to find this. It’s all deep within you. Bon Voyage.