Cool Wearables

Wearables are the in thing now and if you are not tracking yourself and building a quantified self, you are missing out. Some of the best wearables out there today include

Fitbit Blaze: this now comes with a color display and can monitor your heart rate, steps and sleep. It is however missing GPS tracking in case you wish to track your run. Priced at $249 this is an attractive watch.

Garmin Vivosmart: this now comes with a heart rate monitor and can monitor your steps, sleep. It also connects to your phone to play music and has a nice display with swipe functionality. It also connects with Garmin Connect, a wonderful app that shows you your vitals.

Apple Watch wins because of its overall connectivity to your eco system including your phone and comes with tons of apps developed for apple. It handles messages and notifications well. It obviously is a reasonably good fitness tracker with heart rate, steps and sleep monitoring. You can also use Apple pay and as with all apple designs, its beautiful to look at.

TAG Heuer for those who want a premium watch. Priced at $1500 comes with the obvious Tag brand name and good looks. Functionality wise it offers the same benefits as a low cost watch, and can be used for sleep, steps, golf, weather tracking, wind tracking and works on the Google ecosystem. Interestingly this also comes with an Insider app, which is a curated list of things to do around you.

Vigo: if your job includes staring at a screen for long durations or driving long distances, this might be the product for you. It looks like a bluetooth head set but tracks the blinking of your eye to detect the level of fatigue. It provides you with alerts when you are dozing or tired. You can also make and receive hands free calls. Priced at $79.