Thank you for your interest in consulting with me. People consult me to understand the science of nutrition and how it impacts your life. My learning is based on my education on Physiology from Harvard Medical School and Nutrition from Tufts University and Stanford University. In addition, I also read exhaustively and write about my learning on this website. I do not offer a quick fix for your weight or health. Instead, I work to help you make long-term lifestyle changes that result in good health and potential weight loss. With these interventions, you potentially prevent the occurrence of disease before onset.

If you are interested, you can call or send me a What’s App message at ‭+91 98317 14929 or fill in the form below to consult with me.

Consultation charges are Rs. 45,000 per person or Rs. 65,000 for a couple. This includes unlimited consultations, a personalized diet plan, recommendations on exercise and personal coaching. I don’t limit the number of interactions as the intention is to make you healthy, no matter what it takes.