Conquering Fear

Have you ever been afraid of something? If you have you are not alone. Most of us have felt fear at some point.  Even held on to lifelong fears about something. I was on a flight in a small aircraft that almost crashed. I found myself unable to find the will to take a flight. It did not matter how important the purpose. I would even get high fever before I needed to fly. Experts call it post traumatic stress disorder. Learning to conquer fear is  a vital skill growing up.

To slay your demons, you need to first start with acceptance. Acceptance is the acknowledgement that you indeed are afraid. It is actually fine to be so. There is no shame in being afraid. Not doing so can suppress the fear and prevent you from coping. Once you accept, you need to find the will or courage to overcome your fear. To do this, you need to find purpose. Your reason why you want to over come your fear. In my case, it was the belief that I was bigger than my fear. The belief that I would never let fear of anything overwhelm me. This simple thought gave me the mental strength to cope. Armed with acceptance and will, you need to confront.

Confrontation happens when you repeatedly stress yourself with that which you fear. Scientists have held that this is perhaps the most important part of dealing with fear. You live your fears over and over. One day you realise that your fears are unfounded or oftentimes silly. In a famous experiment to overcome the fear of heights, a person trained to walk on a trampoline over a high building. He had acceptance, will and confrontation all lined up.

Conquering fear is different from telling yourself – don’t worry it will be fine. In the very short term, this may give you the ability to cope. This ignores the fear, deflects the fear or just gives you time to gather yourself.  However, your goal is to establish the superiority of your will over your fear. Try it, its not that hard.