Condiments, Sauces & More

You have been eating mindfully for a while now and are looking to add that extra oomph to your diet or still concerned that the results don’t show. A lot of people tell me how they are doing everything right, watching their food, tracking each thing they eat, making sure that they eat the right quality and quantity of food and yet! It may be time to put the lens on an innocuous food that sits on many table tops and is consumed without much thought – condiments, sauces and more.

Our taste buds crave that extra flavor and often, even if it is not necessary, we throw in the ketchup, sauce, dressing or coloring agent just to make the food look or taste good. Often, these come with loads of carbohydrates, sugar and salt. Most people, and I know I certainly was among one of them, still perceive the impact of food in quantity terms as in I just ate a whole plate of fries, and the sneaky condiment just slips in there. It was just one table spoon after all. Actually maybe it was more, but hey all it took was a few licks.

Condiments by their very nature are made to embellish the taste of what we eat and therefore carry a heavy salt, sugar or flour overdose. What seems like a simple bowl of green vegetables can come loaded with corn flour sauce or the healthy whole grain pancake was just decimated by the syrup you poured all over it. Eating a healthy soy burger with mayo or ranch dressing – this applies to you too.

The list is endless and it is only fair because the job of the food industry is to make you eat and you will eat if you like the taste of what you eat. Many in the food industry are increasingly aware and make healthier choices available. If you asked, they would give you a good replacement – a simple mint chutney with low sodium maybe. The trick is really just to be aware. Sorry if I just took the spice out of your life, but I am sure over time you will replace it with healthful choices.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.