Cold Shower

Most of the Northern hemisphere of our planet is bathed in cold. I could not find a more inopportune moment to introduce a cold shower. I rely on the belief that my readers like to push the envelope. Hopefully, the benefits will outweigh the brickbats that are inevitable. So go ahead, stick yourself under the shower, turn the water to cold and think of all the articles I have written. Or anything else that catches your fancy really. For it is the cold shower that is beneficial not memorising my articles.

With the first drop of the cold, you learn everything about motivation. Imagine escaping the comfort of your warm bed, sleep walking into your shower and willingly subjecting yourself to this. Everyday! You get the point. The cold water makes blood rush to your brain. This acts like a flush and dead cells are eliminated. The same pumping system also helps blood circulation in your cardio-vascular system. If you run, walk, weight train etc, your muscles get stressed. Exposure to the cold makes blood rush into your muscles helping them recover. Research has even shown reduced levels of anxiety and depression in small cohorts who took the c.s. If it is looks you are more concerned about, it helps improve your hair and tightens your skin. Alternating hot and cold water acts as a pump to your lymphatic system, clearing toxins and removing dead cells. This is a powerful way to eliminate cellular decay.

I have been alternating between hot and cold for the past year. The best way to do this is to start in a narrow band and progressively move toward cold. It took me about ten days before I got used to the really cold. I tried thinking about my articles but frankly it was to damn cold to think.