When I started my journey to eat clean and attempt to live a healthy life, there was only one condition. Don’t mess with my coffee. I am sure a large number of you out there would echo the sentiment. There is something about tea for many or coffee in my case that borders on the religious. Take away my coffee, and you grab my soul with you. I was therefore relieved when giving up coffee was not a part of the suggested plan. I drink mine black and straight up, no milk or sugar, thank you very much.

It now turns out that not only does coffee not need to be eliminated; it might even be good for you. A research study done on over 450,000 people showed an inverse relationship between decaffeinated coffee or tea and diabetes. Coffee was helping reduce the risk of diabetes. Up to a point, the relative risk of diabetes was reduced 7% by an additional cup of coffee a day. This study was done exclusively on humans as compared to several studies that rely on animals to infer its impact on us sapiens. The good news was that coffee, decaffeinated coffee, black and green tea all seemed to have a positive impact. The results also cut across all ethnicities as samples were drawn from across the world.

The magic in the coffee or tea seems to be in the broader chemical constituents; components such as magnesium, lignans and chlorogenic acids. These chemicals have already been shown in animals to have a positive impact on insulin sensitivity. While similar evidence is not available for humans, it is believed to be the underlying cause. Similar outcomes have been shown between tea catechins and inhibited carbohydrate digestive enzymes. The action of inhibiting the enzymes causes a reduction in the production of glucose.

It is time to believe that God, does exist after all.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.