Cellulite is subcutaneous fat or the fat that sits just under your skin. With age and the accumulation of fat, these fat cells can tend to take a dimpled look found in the thigh and hip area. Cellulite is a condition that tends to afflict women more than men due to the unique arrangement of fat cells and the connective tissue in women. Cellulite can be induced by metabolism, physiology, nutrition, hormones and even genes. A lifestyle that has a lot of stress can increase the level of catecholamines which seems to trigger cellulitis.

Several factors can result in cellulite. Chief among them seems to be hormonal changes especially the regulation of estrogen, insulin and thyroid hormones. Some Doctors believe that with age as estrogen level falls it triggers the increase of cellulite in women. Diet and lifestyle seem to be another cause. People who do not live an active lifestyle or consume too much fast sugar or even unhealthy saturated or hydrogenated fats seem to have a higher tendency to develop cellulitis.

There are several known solutions many of which are cosmetic. These solutions include acoustic wave therapy, laser treatments, vacuum-assisted tissue release and also radiotherapy where the skin is heated. Many people even resort to application of creams and ointments including caffeine and retinol. , retinol. Some Doctors also recommend supplements such as ginkgo niloba, sweet clover or grape-seed bioflavoniods.

Unfortunately, dieting or the surgical removal of fat does not seem to help as the cellulite has accumulated just below your skin and this is extremely hard to eliminate. However, with less fat in your body, there is less fat pushing through the skin, and therefore the appearance of cellulite can improve. It could be a tiny consolation for someone who is suffering.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.

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