Castor Oil

If you are losing hair, chances are that you have heard of and even used castor oil to save your fading hair line. Male pattern baldness being what it is, chances are that you have not been very successful. Be that  as it may, castor oil has wonderful healing properties that stimulate hair growth in men and women. In addition, one of the best uses of castor oil is to clear your digestive tract. You do this by ingesting a spoon of castor oil along with something to dampen the bitter taste, orange juice perhaps, and the castor oil starts to work on your intestines to clear everything. Remember you need to be close to a bathroom if you do try this. Those who have claim that it completely clears their digestive tract and removes ama. If you think this sounds very crazy, castor oil can also be applied on the stomach and helps do the same thing, maybe not as effectively.

Among its wonderful healing properties, castor oil also helps to treat joint pains, arthritis, help address fungal infections, treat acne and also help you fall asleep. It is unclear why castor oil induces sleep, but is you are past your bed time and still counting sheep, dab a little castor oil on your eyelids and prepare to dream well. Castor oil is known as such a wonderful lubricant that it is even used in mechanized vehicles, aka cars.

Since castor oil has a strong affect on your body, you need to be careful in its application and use especially if you are going to ingest it. Always look for organic castor oil and if you choose to drink it, make sure that you do not exceed the prescribed limits as it is a powerful laxative and can result in severe dehydration. Some people have been known to be allergic to castor oil and therefore you may want to do a skin patch test before you try rubbing it all over yourself. Oh and yeah, it has a strong smell that you may not like.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.