A carcinogen is any substance that is linked to causing cancer in your body. There are of course many types of cancer that you can get. Recently, there have been several controversies with certain types of bread and even the humble coffee apparently linked to cancer. In fact a World Health Organization recently came out with a report that said it was only hot drinks and not coffee that caused cancer but I am sure that last word has not been said on this subject.

Broadly speaking foods that contain carcinogenic substances includes foods that have been processed or cured by nitrates, foods cooked in hydrogenated oils, foods that are non organic, genetically modified foods, microwave popcorn, soda, sugar and refined or white flour.  Many artificial sweeteners are also identified as potentially causing cancer. Sugars in particular feed  potentially cancer cells and help them grow. Surprisingly many of these foods are approved by the FDA in the USA and therefore it is hard to filter what should and should not be eaten.

There is simply too much research out there that make a case for and against foods that are “known” to or “linked” to cancer. Various lobby groups create nondescript organizations and agencies that proclaim the virtues of various foods. Therefore, while you may not find convincing research that definitively tells you that it does, many of the foods that are supposed to cause cancer are avoidable. The countries that are at most risk statistically speaking are the America’s, Europe and Oceania with Denmark having the highest per hundred thousand.

If you are not already, read more on foods that are linked to cancer. It is really easy to skip these foods while composing your healthful diet. However do remember, for most foods, the evidence says “probably causes cancer” before you break into sweat over that bag of popcorn you ate last night.