Carb Cycling

Have you been coveting that “beach body look?” One where all your effort at the gym reveals a sculpted look with every muscle showing itself in well-defined lines? If you are not far away from this look and really wish to get there you may have already heard of or might want to explore carb cycling. Carbohydrates are one of the major nutrients in your food. For most people, it comprises a significant portion of their total calorie intake. Therefore, your body has adapted to use this as one of its primary fuels. So much so that your brain only uses carbohydrates as fuel. So what is carb cycling?

In carb cycling, you are alternating the amount of carbs you are eating. For example, the first day you might eat 200 grams worth. The second day you would bring this down to 75 grams and then the third day to 25 grams. You would repeat this cycle several times till you reached your weight goal or more likely your body fat goal. You would also combine the high carb days with intensive exercise. This is to ensure that you burn the excess carb consumption.

All this is easier said than done. Try eating a 25 gram carb diet and remain vegetarian. It’s close to impossible but only just. A day like this will see you eating yogurt and berries for breakfast, some form of greens and squash spaghetti for lunch, and tofu and vegetables for dinner. If you eat meat, you can substitute lean meats for the tofu or squash. You did say you really want this.

Of course, this is not trouble free. You may gain weight on the days you eat a high carb meal. Worse, once you give up carb cycling, some of this body fat may return putting your effort to waste. You might just end up choosing a more balanced diet and to hell with that body fat.