If you or a loved one has crossed the age of fifty, including a parent, sibling or other, it is prudent to get them tested for cancer. Cancer is a disease that can afflict a human at any age. However, your predisposition to cancer does apparently increase with age as it is caused by cells within your own body turning cancerous. This happens when your cells lose an electron and become free radicals and seek to achieve cellular balance which instead results in an uncontrolled division or growth of the free radical. Cancer is hard to deal with but several people have shown that early detection and treatment can go a long way in reversing the dangers of cancer. It is advisable to get yourself tested even if you do not have a family history or are otherwise in good health.

Research has shown that tests for detecting cancer of the colon or a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and fecal blood tests help reduce the risk. This also helps detect polyps in your colon. Lung cancer can be detected using a tomography and is in particular important for those who have had a history of smoking or live in cities that are heavily polluted. A mammography is important for women to detect breast cancer. Finally a pap test helps detect cervical cancer which can be done for people starting age 21.

There are several other tests including just physical examinations of the skin, breasts etc but these have a lower correlated to a reduction in the risk of cancer. Of course, you should be guided by a competent Doctor and depending on your approach to testing and medicine in general engage in as deep an evaluation as is possible. In medicine, especially for precautions, the more thorough the process the better it is. My apologies if I made you lose your appetite but please do take the precaution. Finding out early helps.