Calorie Deficit

It has been known for a while and also tested extensively that living in calorie deficit or lowering the amount of food that you eat by thirty percent can increase your lifespan by up to thirty percent. Therefore if you an average woman with a calorie requirement of 1800 calories, cutting this down to 1440 Calories can increase your lifespan by thirty percent. Every organism tested with this theory so far has exhibited this phenomenon.  If food is your Raison d’être then there is no better reason to revisit your beliefs. However, lowering your calories can have side effects over the long terms including making you lethargic, sluggish. A calorie deficient diet can also cause deficiencies because of imbalances  especially if you are not careful about what you are eating and ensuring that you are getting all your macro and micro nutrients.

Scientists are searching for the gene that controls this mechanism that causes negative side effects when you restrict your diet. Researchers at Harvard so far have been able identify a gene called SIRT which produce the proteins called sirtuins. These proteins are activated by a chemical called resveratrol, which is found in red wine. In cells, only a portion of genes in chromosomes are activated at any time and sirtuins help in silencing those not required. But, sirtuins also help repair broken chromosomes and to do this they abandon their role of silencing the genes. The inactivated genes then get activated, causing genetic chaos and allowing cells to degenerate. This is believed to be the main process of aging. Thus sirtuins can advance this process and also reverse it. Researchers are therefore testing various findings on themselves by going on calorie restricted diets.

From constant scarcity to famine human beings spent a large part of their lives in the last millennium foraging for food. In the past hundred years, for a vast swathe of humanity the availability of food has increased manifold. Our ancestors would be truly amazed if they were told that meat was available on tap and you actually did not have to run around hunting it. This profusion has resulted in many people consuming food that is higher than their calorie requirement or eating an imbalanced diet. Mathematically speaking if you live thirty percent longer by eating thirty percent less, you are probably eating the same amount of food in case you feel you are missing out.