Budwig Diet

Cancer is perhaps one of the most dreaded diseases known to mankind. It can almost any part of your body and despite significant advances in medical science, beating cancer is still in its infancy. Cancer also does not discriminate between old and young, male or female, race and community. Governments, companies and individuals have spent decades researching cancer and looking for possible solutions. One such solution is  the Ludwig diet which was developed by a german scientist Johanna Budwig. Its  premise is that a mix of flaxseeds and cottage cheese or milk can help prevent cancer.

Johanna Budwig discovered that flaxseed oil, which is rich in unsaturated fat, combined with cottage cheese which is rich in sulfur protein creates a chemical reaction that makes it water soluble and therefore easy to absorb for your cell membrane. Once they enter the cell membrane, the ingredients in both these foods, have a positive impact on your damaged cells thereby healing and repairing them. If you already have cancer, she recommends eight spoons of flaxseeds and if you are seeking to prevent cancer occurring, she recommends one spoon of flaxseeds mixed with cottage cheese or milk.

Scientists have tested for flaxseeds on cancer cells and found reliable evidence to show that flaxseeds have a positive impact on cancer. Studies have been conducted in mice that shows a reduction in breast cancer and in men showing a reduction in prostrate cancer. There is no reliable scientific evidence yet to show that the Budwig diet prevents cancer. However, adding a spoon of flaxseeds and cottage cheese is probably a great risk mitigation strategy for those at risk as its unique combination makes it easier to absorb the benefits of flaxseeds.

Here is a guide on how to prepare the mix for the Budwig diet.

Mix one spoon of flaxseed oil and two spoons of cottage cheese. With a blender, whip the two together till there is consistency. Add two spoon of ground flax seed into a separate bowl and then mix the cottage cheese and flaxseed oil mix to the bowl.  Take care to not use your hands with mixing, whipping or blending the ingredients and always use organic and high quality ingredients sourced from a place that you trust.