Brown Fat

This one really surprised me when I read about it. Your body has a small amount of something called brown fat a.k.a. brown adipose tissue. This fat is really good for you as brown fat helps in burning white and other fat. This is because its packed with energy or mitochondria and also contains a unique protein called uncoupling protein. Till a while ago, it was believed that only babies had brown fat when they are born and this regresses as you age. Research is increasingly showing that adults also have brown fat. Brown fat is found in strange places, usually around the neck and shoulders and is often found interspersed with white fat. Not everyone has it though.

So what could you do to generate brown fat? First, eating within your tolerance limits which is within the required calorie requirement and not either over eating or starving yourself on a regular basis is said to promote brown fat. Second, being exposed to the cold seems to promote brown fat. In a research study, the cohort was asked to sit for two hours in 63 Degrees Fahrenheit. The study seemed to indicate that their bodies were able to burn other fat better than before leading the researches to believe that exposure to cold helps create brown fat. Melatonin seems to help in promoting brown fat. However, before you go taking Melatonin supplements, it helps to promote natural melatonin which happens when you reduce the exposure from television, computers etc. getting sufficient exposure to sunlight and eating foods like almonds, cherries, cardamon and coriander. Finally, exercise seems to promote the production of brown fat.

Scientists are working to promote the creation of brown fat in your body including through medication. Scientists are learning to pin point the location of brown fat which will aid their ability to find the chemicals or compounds that can promote brown fat. Till they find a solution, you just need to sit by your refrigerator more often – not to eat of course!