Bone Marrow

The human body does not like wasting anything, even space. Your body is just as compact as it needs to be to be efficient. In theory, you could easily be twelve feet tall and still have the same body composition. It would probably be a waste of space. Within, your body tries to use every available part to ensure your survival. The insides of your bone are home to something called bone marrow. This bone marrow is the flexible tissue in the interior of the bone which has a hard surface, something you may have felt if you ever knocked your bone against something.

Red Blood Cells or RBC is produced in your long bones within the cores of bones marrow. Your bone marrow comprises about 4% of the total body mass. Approximately 500 billion blood cells are produced each day. Narrow openings from the bones conduct the RBC to your systemic circulation. There are two types of bone marrow – red and yellow.

The yellow is interesting as it is made up of fat cells. HIstorically, it was believed that exercise did not impact the fat within your bone marrow. The fat in your bone marrow was thought to be a special reserve not to be used for everyday energy needs. Recent research is now throwing up evidence that training can even work on the fat within your bones. In a study conducted on mice, researchers showed how exercise not only led to the burning of fat within bones, this energy released was used to improve the quality of your bones.

The reverse was also true, that obesity resulted in the storage of fat in the bones making them weaker. That is perhaps one of the reasons that people who are overweight also often suffer from poor bone health. If you needed the motivation to exercise, you could now imagine the fat melting from within your bones. Admit it, all your fat was in your bones, wasnt it?


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.