Your body exhibits biomarkers that indicate the state of your health. Growing up, I used to hear legends about extra ordinary doctors who could tell what ails a person simply by looking at the person. I do not mean examine the person, but simply looking. Apparently the colour of your skin, eyes, the way you breathe etc. indicate various illnesses. Since its probably difficult to quantify colour of skin tone, we rely on temperature, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar etc. I know I am not the black swan when I say that I hated being tested. So far, testing had a few characteristics – it was a painful process, it was at a particular point in time and it was indicative and required interpretation by a qualified doctor. But the story is about to get very interesting.

Within the next ten years, your body will contain a wide range of nano sensors. These sensors will monitor your blood pressure, pulse and heart rate. Instead of taking your temperature or blood pressure twice a day, it will continuously stream all this data. Sensors will detect at cellular level, the creation and removal of free radicals that could lead to cancer. In order to do this, the devices will be capable of geo-locating itself within your body which means knowing which part of the body it is monitoring. Devices already exist to monitor your blood sugar and stream this data. Similar sensors will become available to monitor every ailment and will then in fact begin to monitor the effect of nutrition and exercise at a cellular level. Bio feedback will be both continuous and complete.

Medical science has solved many challenges in the past hundred years one of the reasons why the average life expectancy has gone from around 35 to around 69 globally. The next decade will be witness to the creation of humungous amounts of human data. Hopefully the decade after that will be the one in which all of this data will be put to use to solve most of what ails humanity.