Aura aka Biophotons

For several years now, I have been hearing about people who are capable of seeing your aura. They claim that your aura is visible light, around your head and comes in different colors. The colors can reflect your current mood. A seasoned practitioner can tell your mood by looking at the aura. A logical mind would naturally scoff at such claims, wanting evidence. In the absence, you could easily dismiss all of this as hocus pocus. Until, of course, science comes along and claims the very same thing.

It turns out that the human body does glow after all. You emit visible light, in minimal quantities that rise and fall over the course of the day. Known as biophotons, biological systems (including humans) emit ultraviolet light at a frequency of 10-1 to 10-23 w/cm2. They are visible only to Superman. No, I am kidding. Detected by photomultipliers or camera’s, this light requires extremely long exposures before they are visible. Obviously, they are not visible to the naked eye. Yet, science has proved that it exists. Maybe the “seers” were not that cuckoo after all? So what is emitting the light?

Nobody is sure quite yet. One theory is that cells emit photons which are then transmitted to the surface by energy carrying excitons. In the dark, cells are bathed in this dazzling display of biophotons. Your aura. Some scientists believe that this may even be one pathway for cells to communicate with each other even if they are far away. For example, plants have been known to increase the rate of growth of other plants far away. Are they communicating via biophotons?

Science still disclaims all such beliefs saying that evidence that you can heal people using biophotons or communicate with each other using biophotons is yet to be proved. The seers will say “I told you so.” Perhaps you won’t have to live forever to find out the truth.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.