Artificial Blood

It has long been the holy grail of the medical fraternity. Artificial blood. Successful, it helps saves lives and can fundamentally alter the way mankind evolves. Of course for that to happen, there must be artificial blood widely available for the 7 billion people on earth. In the interim, more humble problems may be solved. People bleeding to death for want of blood for example or people unable to get their unique blood type. The ones for which you dutifully retweet, or repost requests on social media. 2017 may be the year in which the early stages of this problem is solved.

Scientists are experimenting with trying to create artificial blood from stem cells. Doctors in the US have created artificial red blood cells that is capable of absorbing oxygen and transporting in throughout your body. In case you weren’t paying attention in biology class, that is the primary task of blood cells. This is created from purified hemoglobin and then coated with synthetic materials. The synthetic  materials prevent the body from rejecting the blood, a common occurrence when ever foreign materials enter your body. The wonder of this product is that it can be stored in dry form or freeze dried and can therefore be carried around the globe even to remote parts of the world. Lest our friends in Tromso feel neglected.  Scientists working on the project say that the dried blood looks like paprika (no don’t go mixing paprika in water to replenish your own blood).

These are early days still. The ultimate objective of scientific advancement would be completely replace human blood. This would then make it unnecessary to eat. The blood would create its own nutrition. The blood would be resistant to all strains of disease and bacteria and contain material that could kill it on the fly. As with all things futuristic, its hard to tell whether our future is bright or gloomy.