For people like me who are vegetarian, without much effort, you tend to end up eating meals that are calorie rich but also composed mostly of carbohydrates and fats. Prior to my awakening, ninety percent of my food would easily be just carbohydrates and fats. Arginine is a amino acid that is made from protein. It is essential to the body and fortunately the body seems to make enough of it, provided it gets protein. Arginine is essential in children and semi-essential in adults. Semi essential means that if it is absent in adequate quantities it can lead to complications.

Arginine create Nitric Oxide in your body and helps heal injuries, aids the kidneys in removing waste and boosts your immune function. One of the more important tasks of arginine is to widen and relax the arteries improving blood flow. This is why is is linked to a positive impact on people at risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Foods rich in arginine include turkey, pork, pumpkin seeds, soybean, peanuts, spirulina, almost all dairy, chickpeas and lentils. The strange thing for me was with my mostly carbohydrate diet, I did not include any of these foods in my diet. Given its importance in helping blood flow and the fact that the body easily makes arginine, adding these food sources helps prevent multiple diseases.

Arginine can also be taken as a supplement though its probably best to ingest it directly from your food itself. If you are taking it as a supplement more than 1200 mg daily is required to make it effective.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.

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