Are you Free?

I had the most fascinating conversation with my dad the other day. During the conversation we were discussing whether human beings are free since we are not free to choose life and death. Once you are born, you hopefuly have free will – the will to choose what you do or don’t do. Often, circumstances compel you to make choices, good and bad, which may impinge on your free will but you still do have the choice to do what you wish. Of course, before we debate whether we are free or not, we need to define who is the we that we are talking about. 

Masters separate you the physical person and you the spirit. This spirit or your conscious is different from you. When you meditate, you attempt to activate your conscious and be more present in the conscious and move away from your physical self, so much so that you can even observe your physical self. Once successful, you are free. This is an effort to live in your conscious while otherwise being physically present. If we assume for a minute that you do have a conscious and it is distinct from you, perhaps we can build an argument that you also exist on another plane – your spirit.

It has been long believed that your spirit is free. It has the choice of when it will be born and even when you will die. It can choose who it will be and where and why. If it is your spirit making choices it can then decide how it wishes to live this life much like you may decide that you wish to go to the park today. If this is so, then much like free will, you have free will about life and death. It is just at the plane of your spirit that you are making these choices. If for no other reason, just believing this sets you free. Truly free!