What ever you eat, healthy or otherwise, is used by your body to extract nutrients and the rest of the food passes out as waste. Depending on your levels of health, stress and body condition, oftentimes, some of this food remains in your body as a sludge and is neither used as nutrition nor passed out. Ancient Ayurveda calls this waste Ama.

If you have ama built up in your body and chances are you do, it will manifest itself and induce lethargy, heaviness, bad breadth, acne, weariness, tiredness in the morning and a whole host of other problems. Ama over time creates a coating and also does not allow fresh nutrition to enter your body or medicines to have the effect they are intended to. You need to eliminate this ama from your body to begin to feel light and energetic again and more importantly to rejuvenate yourself.

Ama can be eliminated through various means. One of the most effective is having castor oil along with orange juice (to cut the bitterness of the castor oil as you inject it). This will cause your stomach to empty itself and allow fresh food to be better absorbed by your body. A note of caution – since this will be a process of your stomach emptying itself, you should try it only under medical supervision and on a day when you don’t have that much to do and can be in close proximity of the bathroom. However, practitioners of Ayurveda swear by it. Other means of eliminating ama including drinking only hot water, avoiding coffee, cold drinks, cold water, dairy, sweets and having more pungent spicy foods and warm soups. A herb triphala also helps in eliminating your ama.

The impact of eliminating ama from your body is to eliminate the toxins in your body and results in long term health.

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