Alkaline Diet

The blood in your body is either acidic or alkaline depending on what you eat and the mineral content of the food. The level of acidity or alkalinity is measured by your Ph level ranging from 0 acidic to 14 alkaline. Your body tries to maintain itself in a slightly alkaline state at 7.4. Therefore if you are eating foods that are acidic in nature, your bodies response mechanism will stir into action to take the body back into its balanced state. This is done by using the electrolytes in your body to fight the acid causing foods and burns up vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium while doing so. This process is called Acid-Base Homeostasis.

Experts therefore recommend eating foods that are more alkaline in nature to help your body balance itself. An alkaline diet consists of fresh fruit, vegetables, unprocessed plant based sources of protein such as lima beans, almond in most forms including almond milk and almond flour, alkaline water which is distilled water and green drinks. Foods that are most alkaline include broccoli, avocado, kale, celery, cucumber, spinach and capsicum. A diet that is predominantly composed of these foods ensures that your body does not have to work to maintain your Ph level which has a very narrow range of 7.36 -7.45. Anything below this or above this can potentially result in serious ailments. Therefore in this diet, you are advised to cut down or eliminate high sodium processed foods, oats and whole wheat, pasta, bread and rice, caffeine and alcohol, cereals, milk and meat among others.

Medical investigation has resulted in a lack of evidence to show that eating a pre-dominantly alkaline diet has a positive impact on cancer, osteoporosis and other ailments. However, since this diet suggests eating mostly unprocessed, raw foods it is still highly recommended.

PS After I wrote this article, I realized that the recommendations are very similar to the Satvik Foods article I wrote which has been recommended by ancient sages in the Vedas. I decided to publish the article none the less because the term alkaline diet would probably appeal more to the modern generation.