Alcohol and You

So what is it with alcohol and the way your mind and body reacts to it? Has it ever bothered you that you can lose complete control over your senses with as little as a glass of the tipple? What gives? So it turns out that your body is not meant to digest alcohol. These is an enzyme called alcohol hydrogenase that helps your body absorb the stuff. Frankly, women have very little of alcohol hydrogenase, one of the reasons they are more susceptible to it as compared to men. Even the men are not that much better off and here is why.

Drink a sip, and it goes straight to your stomach and through the walls of your stomach, directly into your brain. At least twenty percent of the alcohol is absorbed this way. If you have not eaten anything and are on an empty stomach, this would be even faster. The maxim that drinking on an empty stomach is not right for you is therefore correct. If you have eaten something, it only slows the absorption of alcohol just a mite. For the most part, your poison of choice will pass through your stomach like a hot knife on butter. Once it hits your brain, it can impair all your senses including affecting your gait, blurring your vision, slurring your speech, slow down your reaction and even make you forget who you are. I would not be faulted for saying it leaves you like a shaking jelly version of you.

Your race, gender, and height, fitness, and weight do make a difference to the impact. However, even a two hundred pound man would need only 6-8 drinks in an hour before he fails to recognize himself. Besides, alcohol affects all your vitamin levels, creating long-term damage to your health. If you still do drink, please drink in moderation and responsibly.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.