My life was about to change. I just did not comprehend how, as I sat chatting with Ravi Rajan over dinner. I was in Palo Alto and it was January 2015. I was visiting. This was a chance meeting that might never have happened. Over dinner, Ravi, polite as ever, enquired of my sister if he should bring up my health with me. According to him,  I was at great risk of contracting diabetes and other cardiac ailments typical of people of Asian origin. I am glad my sister prompted him to intervene. His intervention changed my life. Along with me the lives of at least 30,000 other people, across 122 countries, that I know of.

This website is about the science of nutrition and how it impacts your life. It is based on my learning both academically from Harvard Medical School, Tufts University and Stanford University and also the exhaustive research and reading I personally do. It is about making long-term lifestyle changes that result in good health. It is about preventing the occurrence of disease before onset. It is about the changes I made in my life. It is about the evolution of my belief in what is and is not possible.

In 2002, I lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was a moderately active and a healthy person. Ever since I moved back to India, run was a verb I had used only in sentences like “I run away from all forms of physical activity.” Since my interaction with Ravi, I was to go on to run, swim, cycle, row and weight-train. My vocabulary expanded to include words like glycemic index, net carbs, macro and micronutrients, VO2 and cadence. These words, I could swear, didn’t exist in the English language prior to around now. I reversed diabetes that I didn’t know I had. My resting heart rate went from 85 to 49. Most importantly I learnt the meaning of the word – self-belief.

I will be eternally grateful to Ravi for prompting me to make these changes. He has spent enormous amounts of time answering a lot of foolish questions. The food plan that I follow essentially draws from the research of Dr Ronesh Sinha. I am extremely grateful to him for changing my life. He has been a friend and guide on this journey.

I am also very grateful to my mentor Ketan Patel. He put me in the right frame of mind to receive. He asked me to put my money where my mouth was on making lifestyle changes. He has been an inspiration and source of constant guidance. My journey seeks to help me learn and share what I know about the human mind, body, and soul. Obviously, I am very grateful to my sister. She prompted Ravi to share his immense knowledge with me. She has always been there for me selflessly and unconditionally. She and has been a constant friend through everything in my life.

This website is not about a diet or dieting. It is not about eating less or not eating. Hopefully, what you learn is the following – what matters is not how much you eat but the quality and composition of what you eat. This is called a balanced diet. We have known about it forever. Lifestyle; a bowl of fried peanuts within easy reach, television; the reasons are many. We have switched off our minds and grab whatever seems to be around. There is always something more pressing. Something more urgent that limits your ability to focus on yourself.

Thank you for your interest in my website. Hopefully, you will benefit from what I learnt.

About I am an entrepreneur and love the thrill of building something from scratch. I did my MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and my Bachelors from St. Xavier’s, Mumbai. I am the co-founder of Quantta Analytics and Diduce Technologies, companies focussed on analytics and search respectively. I am the Past President of the University of Michigan Indian Alumni Association and a member of the Alumni Board of Governors, Ross School of Business. I have a basic degree in Nutrition from Stanford University, a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Advanced Nutrition from Tufts University.