Garmin Fenix 5

Someone whose life I impacted bought me a gift recently. Ordinarily, I would have said no to the gift. The gift, however, was the recently released Garmin Fenix 5. How could I possibly say no? Surely, no man’s will should be tested thus? If you have been reading my work for a while, you would know of my love for the Garmin watches. They make the best industrial grade fitness watches. Period. With the Garmin 5, they have managed to exceed even their high standards. The watch is an absolute delight. I took it for a stroll. Here is what I found.

The Garmin 3 Fenix HR was a fantastic watch. If there were two complaints, it would be this. First, it was a rather big watch. If you had slender wrists, it could be a bother to carry it around. Second, the Heart Rate monitor (the reason it was called HR) was bulky and irritated the wrists. The discomfort was more pronounced when you used it to track your sleep. It could be downright uncomfortable. Garmin has fixed both. The watch is much smaller, and the HR sensors are now flush with the watch. With the next 64 pixel display, the smaller size is no problem. Even in bright sunshine, I did not find myself searching for the backlight button. The smaller size also makes the strap thinner which makes it easier to wear. The watch is also slightly thinner making it a much more comfortable watch to wear.

The watch retains all the fantastic capacity to track any activity. Swimming, running, hiking, skiing, golfing. It does not matter what. Garmin has got it down. You can even make your personal activities. The only downside I could see was that you needed a sapphire edition to get wifi. Bluetooth syncs like a breeze.

Overall, you cannot fault the Garmin for anything. It is the best watch out there if you are a fitness enthusiast.

N.B.: I paid my well-wisher for the watch, I do not do gifts.


Ritesh is a born again health enthusiast and holds a Certificate in Physiology from Harvard Medical School and a Certificate in Nutrition from Tufts University.