6 meal plan

It is extremely hard to make lifestyle changes especially when it involves giving up years of habit. To top it all, if the change means that you are not going to eat something that clearly tastes delicious or engage in something that is strenuous, it is not unfair to say that the hurdle is high for even the determined. These changes must therefore be presented to us in a manner that is appealing, novel, different, unique and offered by an expert. One such example is to eat a 6-meal-plan or wash your hands, put on your apron, lay out the cutlery, lay out the food, light the candle, sit down at the table and turn on your gastric juices every two hours. You don’t do all of this you say? Oh well!

The relationship between the food you consume in a day and how your body reacts to it is fairly straightforward and even mathematical if I may say so. Its a simple input-output equation. How much food do you consume and how much do you burn or pass out. If this equation is in imbalance no matter whether the input occurred over the six course meal consumed six times or once a day, the result will be pretty much the same. I need to complicate this just a tad, to explain that the input also needs to be balanced meaning that you need to eat the right amount of macro and micro nutrients but as long as you are within the range, when you ate it really does not matter. Research, although limited, has already shown that meal frequency in itself has poor co-relation to weight and health. While more research is required, its does not take rocket science to understand that what matters is how much you are eating.

I do not mean to rain on the 6-meal-plan or any other plan. My intention instead is to highlight the fact that what matters is not how often you eat but what you eat. If eating frequently helps you achieve your goals may the power be with you. Just know that evidence has shown that eating all your meals in smaller windows of 8-10 hours and allowing your body to consume its existing store of fat by fasting is more effective at sending the appropriate signals to your brain and body about where you are headed. Of course, save who ever it is who is tucking your apron the bother while you are at it.