There is a famous ditty about going round the mulberry bush. Little children sing it. It is believed that its origins lie in 19th Century Britain which was trying to grow mulberry for silk. Silk worms feed on the mulberry bush. Whatever the origin you have good reason to worship the mulberry bush. It comes naturally fortified with the goodness of mothers kindness. Ok maybe not kindness but lots of Vitamins and Resveratrol.

Mulberry helps digestion, lower bad cholesterol, helps you lose weight, improve immunity, lower blood pressure and increase metabolism. It has a significant amount of fibre which helps bring lower your consumption of carbs. Said to originate in China it is now widely available all over the world. There are several varieties including the white, black and red mulberry.

Mulberries come fortified with Vitamin C, K, phosphorous, potassium, calcium and a host of other nutrients. This makes it a powerhouse of nutrition. It’s high Iron content helps you improve your blood count. The antioxidants reduce the risk of cancer by reducing free radicals. An interesting ingredient in mulberry is ziaxanthin. This is believed to help improve your vision. 

Mulberries are high in sugar and therefore must be consumed with some caution. Some people have been known to be allergic to the berry. If if you have never eaten it before do test before you consume a boatload. It can be consumed directly as a fruit. In case you prefer, it is also available as tea. Nature has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that can satiate you. In my case I gave up consuming sugar in my food. What I found extremely interesting is how much sweeter everything is nature tastes once you loose the taste for sugar.